TF022: Cold EP

Cat No: TF022

Release Date: 05/08/2020

It’s winter over in Australia and our very own Manikin has been busy experimenting with his sound. In what is arguably his finest work to-date, Manikin and Terra Firma proudly present Cold EP.

Leading the way, title track ‘Cold’ is a bed of peaceful dreamy atmospheres. Entrancing bass whirls and icy synths disrupt the world as we know. The clear-cut blending of sonics displays an evolved Manikin, yet his signature style still prevails. The alternate mix takes a different perspective of how this journey through sound could have unfolded.

Cool sea breezes blow in Esperance, literally. Playful drums complement the rich interweaving melodies in this track all the while a simple bassline keeps our feet on the ground. ‘Hemisphere’ is one for the heads, this dark number is driven by a sinister sub bass. Tight production and an enriched sound palette provides us with a glimpse into the creative mind of this aspiring producer.

Not one who is shy to manipulate bass frequencies, Manikin has produced some heavyweight bangers featuring MC’s such as Sense and Hijak. He continues to push his own boundaries and Cold EP is proof of that.

Terra Firma ยท Manikin - Cold EP [TF022] Out Today!