TF020: Einde / Mire

Cat No: TF020

Release Date: 27/09/2019

Telomic is an artist close to the Terra Firma family and he’s someone who has been steadilybuilding his reputation over the past 18 months, releasing music across a range of styles butkeeping a consistently minimalist, atmospheric basis.Einde and Mire represent the next evolution and might just be his most mature, polished music todate. Einde is the rowdier of the two but keeps things sophisticated, with a siren-like vocal sampleinching over in to a deep concoction of futuristic tones. Mire flips the script and it’s liquid thatpacks a bite, each drum hit is precisely placed and it’s all wrapped up in a broad sheet of synthydepth.Telomic is an artist on the rise, and Terra Firma is proud to be part of it.

Terra Firma · Telomic - Einde / Mire [TF020]