TF019: Decapitate / Bumpy

Cat No: TF019

Release Date: 30/07/2019

Terra Firma likes things clean, precise and organic- it’s the ethos of the label and the stylistic grounding of its sound. But, every now and then, something rough and ready comes along which just throws that out of the water, something altogether more heinous.

Courtesy of Manikin, Decapitate and Bumpy aren’t bothered about frills or niceties. Instead, they’re pure, urban-edged steppers which move in a way that’s deeply satisfying and instantly familiar to those passionate about tough, driving Drum & Bass. Decapitate touches on the pulse of D&B’s newly invigorated love for big-boned rollers, with a distorted back end and an eerie sense of progression. Bumpy strips things back down into minimal territory in a growling, ominous collection of broken beats and stripped back force.

Hard-nosed, moody and a bit hungover, Manikin’s new single is one for the heads