TF018: What Do I Love / The Little Things

Cat No: TF018

Release Date: 01/06/2019

Terra Firma is taking a scenic stroll back towards calmer waters. Fresh, organic and vibrant liquid sparks joy and this single from Alexvnder is exactly that, an eyes-closed journey through wispy ambience and classy melancholia.

‘What Do I Love’ steps up the punchiness and takes you on a trip down memory lane, each bar flowing into the next and every note perfectly placed. ‘The Little Things’ packs a delightfully jaunty angle to its percussion, combine that with its hauntingly soft piano touches and you’ve got a wonderfully textural piece of music. In a scene currently dominated by loud sounds and techy hedonism, Alexvnder and Terra Firma offer something altogether more serene, more relaxed and more retrospective. One for the road.