TF010: Daydream / Contentious

Cat No: TF010

Release Date: 13/04/2018

Terra Firma is proud to welcome Australian producer Manikin to the label.
A long time in the making, Daydream / Contentious is a throbbing 2-track release, and showcases technical excellence of the highest order.

Featuring the experienced London lyricist Sense MC on vox, ‘Daydream’ is a track built upon a bed of nervous tension, which reaches tipping point, producing an almighty release of sonic pressure. Growling basslines and weighty drums are sure to keep your head nodding and maintain a Phil Jones-esque expression on your face.

Continuing in the same fashion as ‘Daydream’, ‘Contentious’ is a track of epic proportions which starts with you biting your nails culminating in all heaven being let loose. Palpitating bass synths and punchy drums will ensure that you fall off your seat, if you haven’t already. We suggest having this song as your alarm to wake you up in the morning.