TF009: Onism / Control (Remixes)

Cat No: TF009

Release Date: 09/02/2018

Five months after Telomic blew away us away with the spectacular tracks ‘Onism’ and ‘Control, we knew these gems were crying out for a remix or two…..or three…..or four.
Yes that’s right! We’ve got four captivating remixes for you courtesy of some of the scenes most cutting-edge talent.

Mr. Liquid himself, Joe Nicholls aka Aperio, gets us started by working his magic on turning the original version of Onism into one of his signature warm rollers. 24 miles down the A64 from Aperio’s hometown of York and we have Leeds-based duo Revaux, who are a name which are turning many heads at the moment, the numbers of which have somewhat increased since the success of their recent single ‘Colours’. Their trademark gritty basslines and punchy drums are evident here in their rework of Telomic’s ‘Control’.

Terra Firma welcomes neuro madman Victim to the label. In his remix of Control you’ll be hearing tectonic plates shifting in this palpitating and monstrous belter of a track! In a similar vein to Victim, East-Midlanders Akomplis unleash their power with a nuclear remix of Control. This one is one for the heads and the ravers still craving more at 5am. If you don’t feel like gritting your teeth together and crying ‘Oomf’ then you aren’t listening to the same song we are.