TF006: Onism / Control

Cat No: TF006

Release Date: 18/09/2017

After impressing with his recent remix of ‘White Lies’ and original cut ‘Speculate’, established experimental EDM producer Elliot Berger, also known by his Drum & Bass alias ‘Telomic’, is once again bringing deep liquid love to Terra Firma, this time with a fluid two-track EP.

Having always had a soft spot for mellow DnB, title track ‘Onism’ brings attention to just how well Telomic can craft meaningful music in excess of 170BPM. The majestic and inspiring aurora of this track is achieved through a gentle and simplistic approach to production, where every element culminates into the masterpiece that it is.

On the flip, Telomic proves he is more than just the master of warm and cosy DnB, with a stone cold and icy track entitled ‘Control’. The combination of kick and bass packs a punch, and the additional padded textures leave a sense of mystery lingering in the atmosphere. This one is for the heads!

“Gorgeous new music from Telomic.” – NinjaNinja

“Telomic again brings his smooth liquid drum and bass style.” OC EDM