TF003: Terra Firma: Vol. 1

Cat No: TF003

Release Date: 22/05/2017

Terra Firma’s first compilation, a collection of 6 fresh cuts, is ready to shake waves in the DnB scene. Outer Mass return straight off the back of their acclaimed debut double-track release King / White Lies with ‘Forge A Weapon‘, a vicious belter of a tune sending satisfactory shock waves down your spine. Next up Telomic provides us with the sublime ‘Speculate’. The tight percussion and rolling basses equates in a standout liquid roller. Rising Dutch stars Low5 & Orbin collaborate on the dark and flowing neuro number ‘The Basement’. The expert use of dynamics will keep you bouncing up and down throughout.

Polish DnB master Radicall is adding to his Terra Firma repertoire with two tracks. Firstly, along with fellow countryman Redirect, ‘Second Nature’ is full of dark atmosphere. The moving basses coupled with aggressive drums makes it perfectly suited to sonically painting the walls of a rundown warehouse. Secondly, Radicall presents ‘Upside Down’, a hypnotic and deep synthy roller which will satisfy you with its unique soundscapes and textures. Last but not least, Low:r opens his account on Terra Firma with a euphoric little gem called ‘Harmonize It‘. The bouncy lead goes hand-in-hand with the sumptuous liquid bassline.