Low5 is the name of Dutch producer Andreas Gortz from Roermond. He started out as a drummer in his basement and after a few years of involvement in the drumming scene he discovered bass music. On the same day in 2013 he made a decision that he was going to produce songs in the new style that he now loved so much.

After just one year of producing he was remixed by Maduk, sealing him a release on Liquicity records. From then on, Low5 gone from strength to strength. With releases on Soulvent, Celsius, Liquid Tones and Vibration Records, Low5 has found his style and aims to cement it over the next few years.

With his background as a drummer he’s knows how to make a groove, and isn’t afraid to show it in his Drum & Bass productions. Low5 stands for good music, music that comes from within, music not just to dance to, but also music which touches your heart with it’s melodic power.

Low5 makes his Terra Firma debut on the 8th of May with a killer collaboration with fellow Dutchman Orbin on the Terra Firma: Vol. 1 compilation EP. Keep your eyes pealed, because there is even more to come from him on the label very soon.

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