“Terra Firma is easily the most exciting new label to emerge recently with their first release being one of the strongest label debuts I’ve heard in a long, long time.” NinjaNinja

Terra Firma is an eye-catching Drum & Bass label founded in York that combines deep and organic music with a focused art style, showcasing the Terra Firma Sound. Home to a batch of up and coming talent, Terra Firma has pushed producers such as Telomic, Radicall and Low:r into the Drum & Bass spotlight.

Having met at the University of York, owners Warren & Matt strived to create a unique label with great music and a strong art style, a breath of fresh air for the Drum & Bass scene. Both Warren & Matt have been involved with various projects prior to Terra Firma. Matt (Horton) is a talented producer and DJ having racked up millions of plays on his YouTube channel, as well as being what he calls ‘a general Drum & Bass nerd’. Warren (Rous) had been a producer for 5 years, gaining success within the Chillout scene, but is more known for his work behind the decks. From an early age Warren has been spinning Drum & Bass and has earned a following in both York, his native Kent and now more recently in Shanghai.

In March 2017, the duo launched Terra Firma with debut release King / White Lies by Aussie duo Outer Mass, friends of Warren & Matt. Following the success of the launch, the label has gone on to release over 25 singles/EPs and compilation albums and host sell out events in the UK.